[lug] Re: Re: PowerPoint, StarOffice, PDF & Thanks

Thomas R. Detman tdet at sec.noaa.gov
Thu Aug 2 20:56:44 MDT 2001

The list has been so active lately - This "Thanks" is coming after
a lot of intervening messages.

Bob Collins wrote:
> You can print to a file to get a postscrip file and then run ps2pdf. 

Thanks. That worked. 

(One minor issue, the resulting pdf file would display rotated 90 
degrees in my free Adobe pdf viewer, and the free Adobe pdf viewer 
didn't seem to have a rotate function. One the other hand xpdf 
could rotate it. But, I think the rotation is in the postscript file
created by StarOffice, since it displays rotated in ghostview.)

I'm still occasionally pleasantly surprised to learn about things
my Linux box can do.

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