[lug] cp and rm

David dajo at frii.com
Fri Aug 3 11:24:32 MDT 2001

> David> What are you going to do about this bug now that you know that
> David> *something* is wrong?
> Tom> I sent a bug report to the bash maintainers.
> Tom> It isn't important enough to me for me to try to fix it.
> FYI: I got an `RTFM' back from the bash maintainers.
> Not only is this weird behavior not a bug, but it is documented.
> Look at the `ALIASES' section of the bash man page.
> You learn something every day (but why did it have to be this?).
> Tom

I want to acknowledge this posting, Tom; and I should like to write
some more.  But that will have to wait: it's that time problem that we
all have.

So, sure enough, it is a feature.  I write a lot of Lisp which offers
nice control over just when actions are performed, so I am
particularly chagrined at not spotting this one.  Of course, in Lisp,
the syntax is explicit, my opinion is that the characteristic is
sneaky in Bash, you can get it only from the documentation.  However,
it does make sense if you consider functions to be replacements for

All I had to do to solve this problem - now I know - was move the line
sourcing my personal .bashrc from before to after the archive
functions, amazing!  However, Chip's solution (make the call direct:
/bin/rm) is far better because I may forget and re-introduce the
problem in the future by inserting another alias in an unfortunate


PS.  Did you notice that someone else could not find how to create a
user in Gnome?

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