[lug] The changing Linux Community was Re: cp and rm

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Fri Aug 3 13:12:07 MDT 2001

Tom Tromey wrote:
> My impression is that SuSE has this problem even worse.  As I
> understand it their distribution isn't free software.  I really think
> that is too bad.  Actually, I think it is worse -- I think that is a
> bad decision, which could cause them problems in the future.  The big
> lesson of the free software businesses, I think, is that more openness
> is better.

I don't see why SuSE has to cost money.  RedHat sells their box at local
stores and so does SuSE.  If you want commercial tech support then you
need to buy the box - RedHat or SuSE.  If you don't then just download
over ftp.  SuSE delays the ftp release date versus box sale some - but
that may simply be a bandwidth issue with their distro requiring 7 CDs! 
No matter which distributor - you all need to find ways to make money. 
People seem to prefer buying a box than a support contract - and all
distros try to add value of sorts (in addition to tech support).


Ferdinand Schmid
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