[lug] Fwd: EP1012a(2) Quake Shoot Sheet F // danger, i think

J. Wayde Allen wallen at lug.boulder.co.us
Fri Aug 3 13:12:52 MDT 2001

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, bill ehlert wrote:

> **  i never heard of this person.
>     the attachment is 219k.
>     it came thru ms outlook express.
>     looks to me like something nasty
>       this way comes!

Welcome to the party!  It is a virus that has been circulating around the
net for probably two weeks.  The mailing list has been trapping somewhere
on the order of five of these a day.  I think I'm getting roughly 20 such
messages daily.  It is starting to look like the attack is subsiding.

- Wayde
  (wallen at lug.boulder.co.us)

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