[lug] Re: Re: PowerPoint, StarOffice, PDF & Thanks

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Fri Aug 3 13:37:02 MDT 2001

"Thomas R. Detman" wrote:
> The list has been so active lately - This "Thanks" is coming after
> a lot of intervening messages.
> Bob Collins wrote:
> > You can print to a file to get a postscrip file and then run ps2pdf.
> Thanks. That worked.
> (One minor issue, the resulting pdf file would display rotated 90
> degrees in my free Adobe pdf viewer, and the free Adobe pdf viewer
> didn't seem to have a rotate function. One the other hand xpdf
> could rotate it. But, I think the rotation is in the postscript file
> created by StarOffice, since it displays rotated in ghostview.)

Check out pdfrotate, a nice perl script that will rotate pdf files for

> I'm still occasionally pleasantly surprised to learn about things
> my Linux box can do.
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