[lug] Qwest DSL and Microsoft

Tim Klein teece at silverklein.net
Sat Aug 4 00:46:09 MDT 2001


I would say absolutely.  I doubt there will be any plans to 
transition Linux, or even Unix users.  I  found that contract to 
be a bummer.

That's a strong point about DSL, though, the ISP is seperated 
from the line provider.  I have Qwest DSL, but I do not have 
Qwest.net.  I use a company called Forethought.net.  There are 
several other good choices out there, too.

I would not be at all surprised if Linux machines are left out 
in the cold by the conversion to MSN.

As an aside, what if a cable broadband company were to do this?  
You don't get a choice of ISPs on cable, so if AT&T were to 
'transition' their @Home customers to MSN for some reason (which 
seems unlikely, but I didn't see the Qwest one coming either), 
one might just be out of luck, wouldn't they?


On Friday 03 August 2001 11:20 am, Paul Hardiman wrote:
> Just read on slash dot another article about Qwest using MSN
> for service providers. The Q&A doesn't have a lot of useful
> info for Linux shops.
> We use a dedicated ip address and a Linux firewall. The bummer
> is that it took US West several weeks to get me fully
> configured on their end - very painful. I would hate to go
> through this again.
> The big question: should I be shopping for a new isp?

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