[lug] Qwest DSL and Microsoft

Samartha Deva blug-receive at mtbwr.net
Sat Aug 4 06:23:01 MDT 2001

If you are affected depends what service you have with Qwest.

If you have one of their Officeworks accounts, you are not affected.

>Just read on slash dot another article about Qwest using MSN for service

Microsoft bought Qwests customer base, so it seems. Now they are working on 

>The Q&A doesn't have a lot of useful info for Linux shops.
>We use a dedicated ip address and a Linux firewall.

Do you have an account with Qwest with _one_ dedicated IP address?
I could not find anything like that on their site. All I found was to
"lease" a block of 8 IP's.

>The bummer is that
>it took US West several weeks to get me fully configured on their end -
>very painful. I would hate to go through this again.

??? what was there big to "configure" on their end?
If your DSL router is configured, the routing works, you use their DNS, you 
are connected to the internet.

>The big question: should I be shopping for a new isp?
I am pondering myself.


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