ATT @home ipaddr's - Was Re: [lug] Qwest DSL and Microsoft

Mark Horning rip6 at
Sat Aug 4 16:05:25 MDT 2001

Taz wrote:
> How can they know what platform one is using?  To them it's just another client
> out there surfing the web...
> Jeff
They don't. You have to tell them. I had a tech come out to check the
when I had a problem and he saw that I had networked computers and that
was running multiple OS's. He informed me that I could keep my ipaddr.
also sent out letters awhile back stating that they wanted everyone
windows to start using dhcp but if you were using something different
you could register yourself somewhere on their website. It doesn't
mean that my ipaddr won't change as they can do that at any time, just
hopefully they'll tell me when/if they do. ;-)


Mark Horning
rip6 at

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