[lug] Xfree86 4.x and Debian?

Timothy Klein teece at silverklein.net
Mon Aug 13 12:24:08 MDT 2001


I have a GeForceII Pro running on Debian (testing/woody) with XFree86 4.03.

It works pretty good.  It is not particularly simple to set up, though.  Not
really hard, either, though.  If you want the best performance out of the card
you have to use the binary-only driver fron Nvidia.  If you don't have any
intention of doing 3D stuff in Linux, the driver that comes with XFree is ok.

On http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?PAGE=linux you can get the driver from
Nvidia, if you want it.  I had the best luck with the tarball.  I first 
used alien to turn the RPM into a deb, and that required a lot of work on 
my part to get going.  However, after a recent reinstall (sometimes unstable
gets a little too unstable :-) the tarball worked the first time, no fussing.

If you do use the Nvidia driver in Linux, make sure to use the Nvidia
supplied agp module (eg, don't load agp support into your kernel).  I have 
much better stability with that.  The 3d performance is actually quite good.
I run QuakeIII great.



* David Morris (lists at morris-clan.net) wrote:
> I have a system dual booting Linux/Windows, and I would like to add a
> nVidia GeForce card for the purpose of playing games (The sole purpose
> of the Windows install).
> Unfortunately, the nVidia GeForce II MX chipset is not supported by
> Xfree86 3.3.x, the default version used by Debian.  I understand that
> Xfree86 4.1 does support this chipset.
> So my question:
> What experiences have the group had with Xfree86 4.1 and Linux?  And
> Debian?  Anyone use a GeForce card under Linux/X?  How is stability
> running the latest and greatest (4.1.0) Xfree86?
> Thanks for any comments.
> David
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