[lug] Tape backup products

DeVerter at robinsonmechanical.com DeVerter at robinsonmechanical.com
Mon Aug 13 15:38:33 MDT 2001

     I am using a combination of DDS-3 and DDS-4 tape drives on our LAN for
nightly backups, all for backing up 'windows' data (I have user files and
CAD drawings stored on two Linux file servers and an NT Lotus Notes
     Recently, I changed one of my backup machines to RH7.0 with Arkeia as
the backup interface product but its tapes cannot be read on my other
backup machines that use either NT Backup (W2K) or Backup Exec from Seagate
(the same problem I would have if I just cpio'ed).  I have the opportunity
to rebuild one more of my backup machines to Linux but I need to use a
backup product that will write tapes compatible with the aforementioned
     Does anyone have ideas for Linux backup solutions you can point me

Mark d.

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