[lug] Smurfing

Greg Horne jeerygh at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 15 12:40:39 MDT 2001

Hi all!

I recently was reading about Smurfing and decided to test my linux box.  I 
typed this command:
ping -c 10 -s 1 -q -b

and received the output:

WARNING: pinging broadcast address
PING ( from : 1(29) bytes of data.

--- ping statistics ---
10 packets transmitted, 10 packets received, +63 duplicates, 0% packet loss

The +63 duplicates is what the website I was reading told me to be concerned 
about (http://ibelgique.ifrance.com/secur/docs/smurf.txt)

So I go to http://www.netscan.org and http://www.powertech.no/smurf/
.  They scan my ip class and say that I'm fine, telling me that i'm not 
being used for Smurfing.  I am confused.  I have that +63 duplicates thing, 
and i'm A. Not being USED for these type of attacks or B.  I'm not vunerable 
to be used by these attacks?  Which is it?

If I am vunerable (that +63 duplicates thing again) how can I fix my boxes?

Thanks for any help,
Greg Horne

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