[lug] Linuxconf deprecation

David dajo at frii.com
Wed Aug 15 13:25:10 MDT 2001

> I noticed, while installing RedHat 7.1, that Linuxconf is being
> deprecated.  I also noticed that some of the other configuration tools,
> such as control-panel, have already disappeared.  What are these being
> replaced with? Are they being replaced?  Or is the administrator now left
> to configure everything manually?
> -- 
> Dan Kuester

I asked a similar, but more specific, question a week or two ago: "how
do I create a new user under either Gnome or KDE?".  The point for me
was that I could not find a menu item, leaving me to conclude that
creating a new user is not important enough (to RedHat) to take the
menu space.  There was not much response from the list, but my
recollection is that there is a usermanager under KDE, but that did
not come up for me; and no-one could tell me how to do it under Gnome.
I ended up using groupadd and adduser.  Silly ain't it?


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