[lug] Linuxconf deprecation

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Wed Aug 15 13:45:14 MDT 2001

Thus spoke David
> I ended up using groupadd and adduser.  Silly ain't it?

There used to be a broken version of adduser that didn't do much.  useradd
works better, though I think they linked adduser to useradd.  As to why
there isn't a menu entry - beats me.  But its pretty simple to add a user
with the command line.  In its simplest form:

  useradd <userid>

To add a specific shell

  useradd -s /bin/bash <userid>

To add a specific home directory

  useradd -d /home/somedir -s /bin/bash <userid>

To add a comment to the passwd entry:

  useradd -c "This dude rules" -d /home/somedir -s /bin/bash <userid>

It gets more complex (and useradd doesn't handle it) if you're running some
networked user system like yellow pages, though I've never had to deal with

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