[lug] ecasound

qqq1one @yahoo.com qqq1one at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 22:47:21 MDT 2001

>>Has anyone had success using ecasound (or any other
>>tool) for recording audio through the line-in on a
>>sound card?
>>Any pointers to resources on using ecasound (or
>>recording tool) other than the ecasound manpage or
>>Interactive mode help?
>>As best as I can tell, you can record with ecasound
>>using the start command, but when I run it, I get
>>   (eca-control) ERROR: Warning! Selected chainsetup
>>cannot be connected. Can't perform requested action.
>>Then I check the Chainsetup and it says:
>>   State: not valid - cannot be connected
>>Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find where or
>>how I can change the state to a valid one.
>Ecasound can be a bear to try to use sometimes.
Sounds like you may not
>have /dev/dsp setup correctly. Can you get other
audio apps like xmms to play?
>What does doing the command
>tell you?

I can load a CD and play it using xmms.

$cat /proc/devicescat /proc/devices
Character devices:
  1 mem
  2 pty
  3 ttyp
  4 ttyS
  5 cua
  7 vcs
 10 misc
 14 sound
 29 fb
 36 netlink
128 ptm
136 pts
162 raw
203 cpu/cpuid
Block devices:
  1 ramdisk
  2 fd
  3 ide0
  9 md
 22 ide1 

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