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qqq1one @yahoo.com qqq1one at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 23:11:10 MDT 2001

SoundStudio looks very user friendly.  However, I
don't seem to actually be able to record anything with
it.  It does let me go through the motions of
recording (depress the record button and watch the
time elapse), but nothing ever shows up in the "plot"
area, the VU meter shows no activity, and there's no
sound upon playback. I did check to make sure that I
had the microphone radio button selected for recording
and that I had the gain turned up.

If I try to load a .au or .wav file for playback, I
get an error message saying 'Error: couldn't execute
"/usr/lib/SoundStudio/Linux/sox": no such file or

I checked and indeed there is no directory by the name
of Linux or linux under /usr/lib/SoundStudio.  I went
and looked at a package called sox-12.17.1-3, but it
does not install any files under /usr/lib, so I am

>I've used SoundStudio for recording from line-in
>"qqq1one @yahoo.com"
>> Has anyone had success using ecasound (or any other
>> tool) for recording audio through the line-in on a
>> sound card?
>> Any pointers to resources on using ecasound (or
>> recording tool) other than the ecasound manpage or
>> Interactive mode help?
>> As best as I can tell, you can record with ecasound
>> using the start command, but when I run it, I get
>> error:
>>   (eca-control) ERROR: Warning! Selected chainsetup
>> cannot be connected. Can't perform requested
>> Then I check the Chainsetup and it says:
>>   State: not valid - cannot be connected
>> Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find where or
>> how I can change the state to a valid one.   

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