[lug] ecasound

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Thu Aug 16 07:28:32 MDT 2001

I'll try to play with it tonight and send to the list my results.  I had
installed it under redhat 6.2.  I've since upgraded to 7.1 and haven't had
opportunity to play with it since.


"qqq1one @yahoo.com"
> SoundStudio looks very user friendly.  However, I
> don't seem to actually be able to record anything with
> it.  It does let me go through the motions of
> recording (depress the record button and watch the
> time elapse), but nothing ever shows up in the "plot"
> area, the VU meter shows no activity, and there's no
> sound upon playback. I did check to make sure that I
> had the microphone radio button selected for recording
> and that I had the gain turned up.
> If I try to load a .au or .wav file for playback, I
> get an error message saying 'Error: couldn't execute
> "/usr/lib/SoundStudio/Linux/sox": no such file or
> directory'
> I checked and indeed there is no directory by the name
> of Linux or linux under /usr/lib/SoundStudio.  I went
> and looked at a package called sox-12.17.1-3, but it
> does not install any files under /usr/lib, so I am
> stumped.
> >
> >
> >I've used SoundStudio for recording from line-in
> >
> >Hugh

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