[lug] Another 675 question (gaming)

DeVerter at robinsonmechanical.com DeVerter at robinsonmechanical.com
Thu Aug 16 12:56:22 MDT 2001

     I have not attempted any internet game serving from my home Linux box
since Qwest forced all of us over to PPP mode (NAT enabled) from bridging
mode.  I have been trying to start up an Unreal Tournament server (ports
7777, 7778) for some of my friends this week although thus far my 675 is
not forwarding ports required.  I suppose I will need to add those specific
ports to my nat table (set nat entry add ....) but I wanted to know if it
was possible  to tell the 675 to forward all ports to my Linux box ( web
and telnet are disabled on my 675) as I could use ipchains to firewall my
network at that point.  Any suggestions are welcome...

Mark d.

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