[lug] Emacs problem

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Thu Aug 16 17:39:11 MDT 2001

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve T <maxl at squeep.com> writes:

Steve> Interestingly enough, XEmacs never gets the keystrokes - which
Steve> is doubly odd, because I happen to be running it in console.
Steve> Any idea how to tell what's intercepting the keystroke and fix
Steve> it?

does the sequnce "ESC >" work?  i haven't done enough work on the
console to guess what might be eating ALT/META events....

does it work as expected under X?  are you doing anything odd with
your console (e.g. running 'screen', changing $TERM, loading odd
keymaps, etc, etc)?

does anyone else know of something that can sniff a linux console
keyboard, and tell us what events the console driver(s) are

Steve> For some odd reason, my version of XEmacs (21.4.14) doesn't
Steve> seem to have this.

that's *very* odd.  view-lossage has been in GNU emacs the entire time
i've been using it, which means something like 15 years by now.  the
docs for it on my box at work (RH7.1, XEmacs 21.4.14) gives the
following for M-x describe-function RET view-lossage RET:

| `view-lossage' is an interactive compiled Lisp function
|   -- loaded from "/usr/src/bs/BUILD/xemacs-21.1.14/lisp/help.elc"
| (view-lossage)
| Documentation:
| Display recent input keystrokes and recent minibuffer messages.
| The number of keys shown is controlled by `view-lossage-key-count'.
| The number of messages shown is controlled by
| `view-lossage-message-count'.

sorry i can't help more at this point.


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