[lug] Emacs problem

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Fri Aug 17 00:09:29 MDT 2001

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve T <maxl at squeep.com> writes:

Steve> It doesn't - neither does ESC-e-' - but interestingly enough
Steve> ESC-e somehow shows up as M-e.  Does this mean that my copy of
Steve> XEmacs is set up to have escape function as both ESC and meta?

since most keyboards don't have "meta" keys, ESC has long been used as
its replacement.  (that is, ESC sequentially followed by KEY is the
same as META simultaneous with KEY.)

Steve> Also oddly, the 'meta' bit appears to be selective - the
Steve> traditional meta key, lovely alt, captures just fine for
Steve> sequences like meta-x.

ok, i'm totally hosed now.  if ALT+x works as M-x, then ALT+SHIFT+.
should register as M->.  dare i suggest you try a different keyboard?
(and/or see if it works in X?)

dajo's questions are very appropriate: did something change at the
same time you started having these problems?  did you upgrade emacs,
the kernel, anything?  was it intermittent at first (which would tend
to indicate flakey hardware) or did it just suddently start failing?

this is really darned odd...


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