[lug] Emacs problem

David dajo at frii.com
Fri Aug 17 08:51:18 MDT 2001

There still are inconsistencies in the statement of this problem.  For

> > holding down your alt or meta key, then typing (say) "e" and "'" ...
> > that should generated an accented e.
> It doesn't - neither does ESC-e-' - but interestingly enough ESC-e somehow
> shows up as M-e.  Does this mean that my copy of XEmacs is set up to have

normally ESC is a prefix key and e is not, that means that ESC-e is a
complete key, and normally this is bound to forward-sentence.  If
this is so then it is not possible to enter ESC-e-'.  What you get is
forward-sentence followed by '

Also it is not clear to me whether Emacs is seeing these keystrokes.
Using C-q <keystroke> is a really good way of finding out what Emacs
is seeing.  If you do this (with point in a writeable buffer) and get
the results below then the problem is in your key bindings; if not,
then it is outside Emacs.

Some of these are fake, e.g., ^Q is ^ followed by Q; what you should
get is a single character that looks like, e.g., ^Q

C-q C-q  ^Q

C-q ESC   ^[

C-q M-e   å  (in X)    ^[e  (in console)

C-q M->   ¾            ^[>

If you think that Emacs is seeing the keystokes you could try this.
Evaluate each line in turn in the *scratch* buffer by typing C-j at
the end of the line.  Then try M->.

(defun  freddie  ()  (interactive)  (beep))
(define-key  global-map  [?\M->]    'freddie)


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