[lug] Emacs problem

David dajo at frii.com
Fri Aug 17 10:34:40 MDT 2001

> > C-q C-q  ^Q
> > 
> > C-q ESC   ^[
> > 
> > C-q M-e   å  (in X)    ^[e  (in console)
> > 
> > C-q M->   ¾            ^[>
> All of these work properly with the standard meta key (alt) except for, of
> course, M->.    I still have no idea ....

The difficulty (with asking for help) is that you are not reporting
very well.  What do you mean by "All .. with the .. meta key .." -
only two of the four lines involve the meta key.  Tell us what *does*
happen.  There are six possible results given, in two different modes.
Which give exactly the same result; which give something (what is it);
which do nothing at all.
> Interestingly enough, that bit of elisp didn't work for either alt-> or esc->;
> but that might just be my dubious sound hardware in action.

Or, it could be caused by the mystery problem.


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