[lug] ecasound

qqq1one @yahoo.com qqq1one at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 17 12:16:30 MDT 2001

Maybe there's a problem with my sound card driver.  I
am using a SB Live Value card with whatever driver is
installed by default with 6.2.

I know the microphone works because I can turn up the
gain on it, talk into it, and hear the output through
the headphones.

What sound card and driver are you using?

> SoundStudio worked just fine for me.  I believe I
got the rpm from the
> powertools collection and I am using it on RH7.1.  I
clicked the microphone
> button to select it for input and then clicked
record.  The VU meter show
> activity while recording.
> Makes it seem like the sound card is suspect.
> Hugh

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