[lug] Emacs problem

David dajo at frii.com
Fri Aug 17 14:06:27 MDT 2001

> the console isn't even catching it.  This explains why X doesn't have
> the problem.

I do not see how this follows.  I bet that there is an xmodmaprc
floating around somewhere that modifes some keys when you go into X. 

This comes from the man page for xmodmap:
       Some keyboards do not automatically generate less than and
       greater than characters when the comma and period keys are
       shifted.  This can be remedied with xmodmap  by  resetting
       the  bindings  for the comma and period with the following

> The question is, why can the console capture the alt key fine at some points
> and not at others?  Next question is.. how in the world do I fix it?

Do M-e, M-x, M-p, etc., beep in a console?  They do on my machine.
But M-< and M-> do something (weird) with the bash command history.
However all is well inside emacs, i.e., I get ^[< and ^[>.

At the beginning of 1997 I drew myself a diagram showing how a
keypress gets to an application.  The process is staggeringly complex,
involving a keyboard controller, a kernel keyboard driver, a terminal
driver, a console driver and an amazing number of font files and
utilities to do stuff.  I have just looked at it - after all this time
it might be useful :-)  So, try using showkey in the console window
(xev in X); and - this was the source for me in 1997 - read the

> > * you still have not told us when this problem started, and whether
> >   there was an associated configuration change
> I mentioned a bit ago on the list that it started when I switched from
> Debian to Slackware 8.0; I'm using the Xemacs Slackware package that

I apologize for forgetting this.


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