[lug] Emacs problem

Steve T. maxl at squeep.com
Fri Aug 17 14:29:28 MDT 2001

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 01:58:44PM -0600, Tkil wrote:
> >>>>> "Steve" == Steve T <maxl at squeep.com> writes:
> Steve> The question is, why can the console capture the alt key fine
> Steve> at some points and not at others?  Next question is.. how in
> Steve> the world do I fix it?  I'm not even sure where to begin (I
> Steve> suspect terminal type might be something to look at, but I'm
> Steve> not sure).
> i'm reaching here, but take a look at your "dumpkeys" output.  i've
> included mine below.  notice this bit:
> | keycode  52 = period           greater         
> | 	alt	keycode  52 = Meta_period     
> | 	shift	alt	keycode  52 = Meta_greater    
> (and, yes, my box accepts M-> in console mode.) 

Ahah, and there's the culprit!  The output of dumpkeys has almost
*no* provisions for a meta-shift of any kind, and (most) of that table
you sent looks like it's the good, proper, 'standard' table.  The manpage
for dumpkeys says that it splorts out the contents of the keyboard driver
table, but I'm wondering where exactly this resides?

- Steve

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