[lug] Emacs problem

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Fri Aug 17 16:06:26 MDT 2001

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve T <maxl at squeep.com> writes:

Steve> Ahah, and there's the culprit!  The output of dumpkeys has
Steve> almost *no* provisions for a meta-shift of any kind, and (most)
Steve> of that table you sent looks like it's the good, proper,
Steve> 'standard' table.  The manpage for dumpkeys says that it
Steve> splorts out the contents of the keyboard driver table, but I'm
Steve> wondering where exactly this resides?

reading the man pages for "dumpkeys", "loadkeys", and "showkey" should
get you most of the way there.  dajo mentions the "keyboard-howto";
that should be helpful as well.


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