[lug] software raid

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Sat Aug 18 10:16:10 MDT 2001

I inherited a box that has a mostly full hard disk.  I was checking it out
to see what kind of disk to tell the owners to get and found that there was
another disk in it.  It looks like the original admin either intended to
setup software raid or did set it up.  I don't have any experience with
software raid so I don't know if s/he was successful or not.  How can I
tell if it is safe to fdisk the second disk or not?  Alternatively, how can
I tell if some sort of raid is running?

cat /proc/mdstat gives
Personalities : [3 raid1]
read_ahead not set
md0 : inactive
md1 : inactive
md2 : inactive
md3 : inactive

dmesg|grep -i raid gives

raid1 personality registered


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