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Chuck Wiechman wiechdoctor at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 18 12:12:28 MDT 2001

I assume your AP device has routing capability right, it not
just a switch? Assuming that it does:

Add a default route to all the clients to point to On your AP device put a default route pointing to
that should get all your traffic to your firewall, where I assume you have
a default route pointing to the Internet already.

Then add a route for on your firewall that points to so the firewall knows where to send all your wireless

On Sat, 18 Aug 2001, Hugh Brown wrote:

> I need to learn about routing.  I'm wondering what some good resources are.
> My current problem is that I have just added a wireless AP/4 port switch to
> my network.  Essentially I have this setup.
> Internet---[ext ip Firewall int ip]--- network---[Wireless
> AP/switch]---- network
> I was wondering what routing rules I would need in the wireless AP in order
> to get traffic from a wireless node out to the internet.
> Firewall 
> eth0 internet routable address
> eth1
> Wireless AP
> port1
> port2
> What is a good book/resource to get to learn about how to do such things?
> Hugh
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