[lug] Mouse Problems in X

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Sat Aug 18 14:23:32 MDT 2001

>>>>> "Trever" == Trever C Trader <ttrader at treveronline.com> writes:

Trever> I don't see a HW Cursor variable, nor in my search for
Trever> documentation have I found anything for this particular mouse.

it has almost nothing to do with the mouse or the pointer, really.  it
has to do with the portion of XF86 that deals with the graphics
hardware directly -- so, it should probably be in "Device" sections,
not the "Pointer" section.

on the other hand, i can't find much info on it either.  the man page
for XF86_SVGA says:

       Option "optionstring"
               allows the user to select certain options provided
               by  the  drivers.  Currently the following strings
               are recognized:


               hw_cursor - for ARK, ET6000, i740,  and  ATI  Rage
               128  (r128)  chipsets.   This  option  enables the
               hardware cursor.

               sw_cursor - for Cirrus, C&T, i740,  and  ATI  Rage
               128  (r128)  chipsets.   This  option disables the
               hardware cursor.

this is on XF86 3.3.x; i don't know what changed going to 4.x...

let me reiterate.  it's probably not an issue with your particular
mouse device itself; the "square" on the screen sounds like an
internal problem with the server, where it tries to use the "hardware
cursor" feature of the graphics device, and it doesn't work right.


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