[lug] Mouse Problems in X

Trever C. Trader ttrader at treveronline.com
Sat Aug 18 15:29:35 MDT 2001

I'll have to do some more checking then, but, I'm stumped.
Thanks for your help.

On 18 Aug 2001, Tkil wrote:

> >>>>> "Trever" == Trever C Trader <ttrader at treveronline.com> writes:
> Trever> I don't see a HW Cursor variable, nor in my search for
> Trever> documentation have I found anything for this particular mouse.
> it has almost nothing to do with the mouse or the pointer, really.  it
> has to do with the portion of XF86 that deals with the graphics
> hardware directly -- so, it should probably be in "Device" sections,
> not the "Pointer" section.
> on the other hand, i can't find much info on it either.  the man page
> for XF86_SVGA says:
>        Option "optionstring"
>                allows the user to select certain options provided
>                by  the  drivers.  Currently the following strings
>                are recognized:
>                [...]
>                hw_cursor - for ARK, ET6000, i740,  and  ATI  Rage
>                128  (r128)  chipsets.   This  option  enables the
>                hardware cursor.
>                sw_cursor - for Cirrus, C&T, i740,  and  ATI  Rage
>                128  (r128)  chipsets.   This  option disables the
>                hardware cursor.
> this is on XF86 3.3.x; i don't know what changed going to 4.x...
> let me reiterate.  it's probably not an issue with your particular
> mouse device itself; the "square" on the screen sounds like an
> internal problem with the server, where it tries to use the "hardware
> cursor" feature of the graphics device, and it doesn't work right.
> t.
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