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I can't say that I KNOW they're buggy for sure, but I've had numerous
problems with the snmp packages that RedHat provides.  I've fallen into the
habbit of compiling snmp from source these days to resolve some quirkiness
that I've experienced.

That doesn't help you much, but just a potential FYI...

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right up front, i'll say that this is more of a cisco/snmp question than
anything to do with linux. however, i'm writing in the hopes that someone
can try out this syntax and let me know if they get the same results as i
do. i certainly dont see any syntax errors in my snmpset statement, so i'm
starting to question my snmp utils


sorry to be so verbose...

i've written a utility which provides a front end for managing router
configs through snmp using: conf net, wr mem, and wr net. as of 12.x code
however, the oid associated with each of these functions have become
deprecated, and instead a new group of oid have been distributed by cisco to
do the job. although cisco's documentation is well done and fairly
straightforward, i am finding an issue with one of the oid groups.

the documentation i am referring to is located at:


my issues comes up with the oid for specifying an ip address of the remote
tftp server. cisco's description of it is as follows:

.<Random number> ipaddress "<server ip

however, when i run:

. ipaddress

i am given the following response:

Error in packet.
Reason: (badValue) The value given has the wrong type or length. Failed
object: enterprises.

it seems to imply that the value is in an incorrect format.

to clear up any initial inquiries into how i am running this...

 - i am running this with the proper snmpset syntax
   'snmpset -c private <hostname> oidstring'

 - i have ensured that my rw string value is correct

 - i am running this after the required ccCopySourceFileType or
   ccCopyDestFileType values have been set.

i appreciate your help on this as it has really become a thorn in my side

thanks! -charles

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