[lug] snmpset syntax question

dan radom dradom at redback.com
Mon Sep 24 10:20:12 MDT 2001

Why not set the IP of the tftpd server from within the cisco, then snmpwalk the cisco to get the correct syntax / oid for use in your script.  I've written similar scripts before, but I prefer perl with the Expect module.


* charles at lunarmedia.net (charles at lunarmedia.net) wrote:
> right up front, i'll say that this is more of a cisco/snmp question than
> anything to do with linux. however, i'm writing in the hopes that someone
> can try out this syntax and let me know if they get the same results as i
> do. i certainly dont see any syntax errors in my snmpset statement, so i'm
> starting to question my snmp utils
> redhat-7.1
> ucd-snmp-4.2-12
> ucd-snmp-utils-4.2-12
> sorry to be so verbose...
> i've written a utility which provides a front end for managing router
> configs through snmp using: conf net, wr mem, and wr net.
> as of 12.x code however, the oid associated with each of these functions
> have become deprecated, and instead a new group of oid have been
> distributed by cisco to do the job. although cisco's documentation is well
> done and fairly straightforward, i am finding an issue with one of the oid
> groups.
> the documentation i am referring to is located at:
>   http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/477/SNMP/copy_configs_snmp.shtml
> my issues comes up with the oid for specifying an ip address of the remote
> tftp server. cisco's description of it is as follows:
> .<Random number> ipaddress "<server ip
> address>"
> however, when i run:
> . ipaddress
> i am given the following response:
> Error in packet.
> Reason: (badValue) The value given has the wrong type or length.
> Failed object: enterprises.
> it seems to imply that the value is in an incorrect format.
> to clear up any initial inquiries into how i am running this...
>  - i am running this with the proper snmpset syntax
>    'snmpset -c private <hostname> oidstring'
>  - i have ensured that my rw string value is correct
>  - i am running this after the required ccCopySourceFileType or
>    ccCopyDestFileType values have been set.
> i appreciate your help on this as it has really become a thorn in my side
> thanks! -charles
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