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John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Mon Sep 24 13:49:45 MDT 2001

At least part of the problem is that this is released against Roswell (RH 7.2 Beta).  Below I've tried to address each broken dependency you listed:

libfam.so.0: mine comes from fam-2.6.4-9 from the RedHat 7.1 release.

kdemultimedia: try ftp://ftp.us.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/2.2/RedHat/7.x/i386/kdemultimedia-2.2-3.i386.rpm -- they probably (erroneously) assumed you already had 2.2 and forgot to include the RPM in the 2.2.1 tree.

libartsgui.so.0: part of kdemultimedia (link above)

libvorbis: libvorbis-1.0rc2-1 (RH 7.1)

libcrypto.so.2: openssl-0.9.6b-4 (RH 7.1)

libssl.so.2: same as above

kdesupport: this is depricated and is no longer necessary (AFAIK), just --force it.

librpm*: I ended up grabbing SRPMS from the roswell tree (RH 7.2 beta) and rebuilding.  A royal pain - you might consider --force.

python2: I just omitted the dependent RPM, kdebindings-python, from the rpm command line (don't need it).  You could probably explore grabbing roswell SRPMS for python2, if you've got the patience.

Disclaimer: I can't promise that using --force won't break something, but it worked for me. YMMV.

Good luck.

"Michael J. Hammel" wrote:
> Thus spoke John Hernandez
> > Michael - I think you want to install then simultaneously.  This should help RPM to resolve the cross-dependency issues.
> >
> > ie.
> >
> > rpm -U kde*-2.2.1-*.rpm
> Thanks for the suggestion.  However, this just produced ever more
> dependency issues (note that this directory has nothing but the RPMs that
> were pointed to by the 2.2.1 announcement, plus a couple extras from
> another site that helped resolve a few dependencies):
> mjhammel(tty2)$ rpm -Uvh *.rpm
> error: failed dependencies:
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdeaddons-kate-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdeaddons-konqueror-2.2.1-1
>         kdemultimedia >= 2.2 is needed by kdeaddons-noatun-2.2.1-1
>         libartsgui.so.0   is needed by kdeaddons-noatun-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdeaddons-noatun-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdeadmin-2.2.1-1
>         librpm-4.0.3.so   is needed by kdeadmin-2.2.1-1
>         librpmbuild-4.0.3.so   is needed by kdeadmin-2.2.1-1
>         librpmdb-4.0.3.so   is needed by kdeadmin-2.2.1-1
>         librpmio-4.0.3.so   is needed by kdeadmin-2.2.1-1
>         libvorbis is needed by kdebase-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdebase-2.2.1-1
>         libcrypto.so.2   is needed by kdebase-2.2.1-1
>         libssl.so.2   is needed by kdebase-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdebindings-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdebindings-kmozilla-2.2.1-1
>         python2 >= 2.1 is needed by kdebindings-python-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdegames-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdegraphics-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdelibs-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdelibs-sound-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdenetwork-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdesdk-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdetoys-2.2.1-1
>         libfam.so.0   is needed by kdevelop-2.0.1-1
>         kdesupport is needed by kdemultimedia-2.1.1-1
>         kdesupport is needed by kdeutils-2.1.1-1
>         kdesupport is needed by koffice-2.0.1-2
>         kdesupport is needed by kpppload-1.04-23
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