[lug] installing kde

Warren Sanders sanders at MontanaLinux.Org
Mon Sep 24 13:54:31 MDT 2001

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, John Hernandez wrote:

> Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 12:39:00 -0600
> From: John Hernandez <John.Hernandez at noaa.gov>
> Reply-To: lug at lug.boulder.co.us
> To: lug at lug.boulder.co.us
> Subject: Re: [lug] installing kde
> Michael - I think you want to install then simultaneously.  This should help RPM to resolve the cross-dependency issues.
> ie.
> rpm -U kde*-2.2.1-*.rpm
> -John

When I upgraded to 2.2 I stumbled over the same uneasy feeling.  In the past I
had pain stakingly removed all KDE packages prior to installing and yet I still
had to force without dependencies.  This one I was told to "Just do it" and not
worry about removing packages first.  I did have to get one dependency if I
remember correctly; a couple SSL packages?  Anyway...

rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps *.rpm

It's dirty work but in my case it worked.  I did remove my existing .kde and
Desktop directories; not sure I needed to or not but another habit.

Warren Sanders

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