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Jeff Howell howeljs at grimoire.stortek.com
Mon Sep 24 14:34:00 MDT 2001

I have an IDE writer, lg8120. I go get a lot of scsi timeouts and such
under 2.4.x. I also seem to have a problem where when specifying
hdc=scsi in my lilo.conf append line, the scsi emulator also decides to
include hdd (my dvd-rom) as a scsi device too. If I enable DMA on the
dvd under this condition I get looping IDE bus resets. Bad mojo. Haven't
found a viable work around for this problem yet. But outside of the DMA
issue, it works great.

On pitfall to be aware of. You must compile the scsi emulation into the
kernel, can't do it as a module or it doesn't work at all.

On Mon, 2001-09-24 at 14:00, Arlan Ramsay wrote:
> I have used the scsi version with no real problems.  I am
> thinking of getting an IDE CD writer.  Does someone have
> advice for or against doing that?
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