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Taz feenix at ticnet.com
Mon Sep 24 19:52:58 MDT 2001

I bought an Acer IDE 4x4x32 about 2-3 years ago.  Have had 0 problems
with it.  Have had a neighbor buy an HP writeer and couldn't get the
machine to recognize it.  I've heard really good stuff about TDK tho.  I
would buy whatever is on sale.  I'm cheap.  Chances are that if it is
(E)IDE std, than you'll have no problems iwth linux burning.  I use
X-CDRoast and have for some time.  I've used it with the same drive for
almost 3 years.  Only thing tho...I haven't figured out how to burn a
.iso image with it yet.  Just haven't had the time to learn.
I currently have more time than money.  So if the 4x burn fails, I'd try
the 2x.  I've had mixed results with media.  I've never tried to use a
re-writable disk.  Good luck.


Arlan Ramsay wrote:

> I have used the scsi version with no real problems.  I am
> thinking of getting an IDE CD writer.  Does someone have
> advice for or against doing that?
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