[lug] Windoze-based linux emergency disk

Sexton, George gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Tue Sep 25 09:27:03 MDT 2001

I ran Putty off a CD Saturday night and it worked fine.

Here's my idea of an Emergency Disk.

Bootable Tom's Root Boot
Bootable Win98 Disk Image

Disk Image of MemTest along with RAWRITE.

McAfee Virus Scanner

PFE32 Programmer's File Editor

For Software I usually add:

Acrobat Reader
NT 4.0 SP 6

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I was wondering if anyone has put together a CD with PuTTY and any other
apps that they can carry with them for remote admin emergencies. I'm trying
to put together a solution for those times when I'm not around a machine
armed with these. In situations where I can't just install apps on someone
elses computer.

Anyone know of a reason that putting PuTTY on a CD and executing it from
there wouldn't work? I don't know how Windoze treats it. Does Windoze need
to write to the hard drive? If I execute PuTTY will it leave a foot print on
the machine? I'll be borrowing a mcahine to burn the CD so I kinda need to
cover all the bases before hand.


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