[lug] [CLUE-Talk] On Zimmerman and the WTC attackers using PGP (fwd)

Keith C. Herold herold at cslr.Colorado.EDU
Tue Sep 25 15:57:37 MDT 2001

What about the university?  Big rooms, generally wired, free as far as I


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> On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Evelyn Mitchell wrote:
> > > politics of open source. Though I don't know anyone qualified for the
> > > task. I do know that the Washington Post is now my idea of a tabloid
> > > newspaper, and is not an unbiased source of news.
> >
> > What aspect of the politics are you interested in?
> Yes, that is a very important question before we can really identify a
> speaker.  Lynn Danielson did give me the name of a lawyer who I think did
> a presentation at CLUE on the legalities of the GNU licensing.  I've been
> planning on seeing if this guy would be willing to give us a talk.
> However, the biggest issue in BLUG right now is where we are going to be
> meeting.  Because of the security lock down at NIST there are no after
> hours public meetings allowed here anymore.  So ... any ideas?
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