[lug] Netra X1

Andrew R. Diederich diederic at boulder.net
Tue Sep 25 17:18:22 MDT 2001

On Tue, 25 Sep 2001, Kyle Moore wrote:

> Has anyone here bought one of these Sun Netra X1's? I have been meaning to
> get a Solaris box at home and this one looks like it might be a decent
> value. Just fishing for opinions.
> ---
> Kyle 

We use netra T1's at work, and they're really neat.  I think most of the
difference is the T1's are SCSI, and the X1 is IDE.  Doing a jumpstart
install is a little odd (it requires different stuff than say, an Ultra
10), and you need an RJ-45 serial cable to hook into the back.


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