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Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Sep 25 18:07:37 MDT 2001

I have a TDK 16x IDE working perfectly under 2.2 kernels using the
IDE-SCSI emulation on a Debian machine.  It's SMOKIN' fast.  Rarely does
it burn a coaster, and it's so bloody fast I have to leave the P3-450
it's in alone while it's burning because it's so I/O bound.  Anything
that contends for the IDE bus while it's running that fast will blow up
the burn, even with the massive hardware buffering in the drive.  The
machine has 192MB RAM.  2.2.19 kernel.

Burnt 120 audio CD's in one weekend for my wife... ugggh.  But it was
that burning session when she "let" me buy the 16X burner... hehe.  I
refused to do that project on a 4X.  :-)

On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 09:52:58PM -0400, Taz wrote:
> I bought an Acer IDE 4x4x32 about 2-3 years ago.  Have had 0 problems
> with it.  Have had a neighbor buy an HP writeer and couldn't get the
> machine to recognize it.  I've heard really good stuff about TDK tho.  I
> would buy whatever is on sale.  I'm cheap.  Chances are that if it is
> (E)IDE std, than you'll have no problems iwth linux burning.  I use
> X-CDRoast and have for some time.  I've used it with the same drive for
> almost 3 years.  Only thing tho...I haven't figured out how to burn a
> .iso image with it yet.  Just haven't had the time to learn.
> I currently have more time than money.  So if the 4x burn fails, I'd try
> the 2x.  I've had mixed results with media.  I've never tried to use a
> re-writable disk.  Good luck.
> $0.02
> Jeff
> Arlan Ramsay wrote:
> > I have used the scsi version with no real problems.  I am
> > thinking of getting an IDE CD writer.  Does someone have
> > advice for or against doing that?
> >
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