[lug] Setting module options when booting

Glenn Murray gmurray at Mines.EDU
Wed Sep 26 08:56:23 MDT 2001

Thanks to all responded to me in the thread "RE: [lug] Transmit error,
Tx status register 82", especially Rob Riggs, whose advice to root
around the kernel docs eventually led to the solution.  I tried the
3c90x driver from 3Com, but it would not compile.  What worked was
finding the correct options to send to the driver.  I found those at a
site quoting Donald Becker's home page.  There I found an opaque
description of how the options were supposed to work, but also an
example which solved my problem.

My question now is how do I send a module parameters when I boot?
Right now I do the following after I boot:

# /etc/init.d/networking stop
# rmmod 3c59x
# insmod 3c59x options=12
# /etc/init.d/networking start

I grep'ed through /etc/init.d/ for "insmod" but could not find where
the 3c59x module was loaded.  Should I modify the 3c59x line in
/etc/modules? (I'm running Debian, 2.2.17 kernel).  

Thanks for any help,
Glenn Murray

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