[lug] Setting module options when booting

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Wed Sep 26 10:16:21 MDT 2001

>>>>> "Glenn" == Glenn Murray <gmurray at Mines.EDU> writes:

Glenn>... snip... 

Glenn> My question now is how do I send a module parameters when I
Glenn> boot?  Right now I do the following after I boot:

Glenn> # /etc/init.d/networking stop # rmmod 3c59x # insmod 3c59x
Glenn> options=12 # /etc/init.d/networking start

Glenn> I grep'ed through /etc/init.d/ for "insmod" but could not find
Glenn> where the 3c59x module was loaded.  Should I modify the 3c59x
Glenn> line in /etc/modules? (I'm running Debian, 2.2.17 kernel).

Yeah, in /etc/conf.modules or /etc/modules.conf (they changed the name
to the more sane one a while ago...):

alias eth0 3c59x
options 3c59x options=12

should do it. 

Glenn> Thanks for any help, Glenn Murray
Glenn> www.mines.edu/~gmurray/public_html/Welcome.html

Kevin Fenzi
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