[lug] Netra X1

Kyle Moore kmoore at mooreimages.com
Wed Sep 26 10:19:21 MDT 2001

I actually was thinking of one so I can have a Solaris box. I use HP-UX
every day and would like to get more exposure to Solaris. And since I
can't afford a Sun 15K (or a zSeries 900) I guess this is good enough. 

I sort of up in the air between the Netra X1 and the Blade 1000 since they
are the same price. I don't have a specific use in mind but the main
reason I was leaning towards the Netra is I didn't think the Blade would
be all that great of a workstation. I don't know the SPARC at all. Would
this thing be a usable workstation with 128MB of RAM and that processor?

Kyle Moore

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