[lug] Introduction

Chris Wade cwade at veripost.net
Wed Sep 26 12:28:05 MDT 2001

Hi All,

This is just an introductory post.  I signed on to the mailing list

I'm a PHP programmer; my experience is mainly in PHP/HTML/Javascript, with
some Perl, SQL, and PL/SQL.  Lately I've been picking up WML and learning
how to configure apache and make my way around inside the Linux OS a bit
more.  I recently put together a system at home on which I intend to run
some web sites and a mail server, but am still very much in the "setting up"
stages.  Various aspects of the network configuration have me stymied, so I
expect I'll be asking a few questions about that in the next few days.  If
anyone has any questions related to my areas of expertise that I can help
with, please let me know.


Chris Wade

BTW, I am running:
Celeron 800
128 M ram
14 Gigs partitioned for Linux
Suse 7.1 professional, w/ just about everything installed
AT&T at Home
A coupla Netgear cards (only one of which has been detected, so far)

In some areas, I think I've become pretty knowledgable.  In others, I feel
like an absolute clueless newbie.

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