[lug] Re: installing KDE

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Wed Sep 26 14:23:37 MDT 2001

Thus spoke Ferdinand Schmid
> Does anyone know where I can find kdesupport and kdelibs?  They aren't included 
> in the RH 7.1 rpms.  I found a copy of kdelibs in the RH 7.2 rpms but still no
> kdesupport.

KDESupport was dropped from 2.2, apparently.  KDELibs should be available
with the two repositories listed from LWN in the past two weeks:

http://dot.kde.org/1001216773/ (which points to guy who has made them
available via http or ftp)

http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-2.2.1.html (which points to the
binaries for various platforms including Red Hat)

I don't know why the latter has a different set of 2.2.1 binaries than the
former, though.   I think the former provides RPMs for lots of the
dependent packages in case you don't have them.  (I still haven't gotten
2.2.1 installed, though I think I have enough information to do so - I just
need some spare time to try it again).

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