[lug] Question - Ftp logs

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Wed Sep 26 14:53:41 MDT 2001

Thus spoke Greg Horne
> Sep 12 06:46:32 core2 ftpd[1656]: FTP LOGIN REFUSED (ftp not in /etc/passwd) 
> FROM APoitiers-103-1-1-165.abo.wanadoo.fr [ip], anonymous
> This means that they are being denied access right?  What does the bit "ftp 
> not in /etc/passwd" mean?

I'm not positive, but I think this means you don't have an entry in
/etc/passwd which can be used by the FTP daemon to know what directory
should be the $HOME directory for an anonymous ftp login.   If you ftp to
your machine using your id and password, you'll be placed in your $HOME
directory.  Well, "anonymous" also needs a $HOME, and the user id "ftp" in
/etc/passwd is used to tell ftpd where that directory is.  

I haven't set up anonymous ftp in a (very) long time, but I'm modestly sure
this is what that message is telling you.

And yes, it appears the login is being denied.
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