[lug] Emulation vulnerabilities?

Prescott Oelke plkey at home.com
Wed Sep 26 21:25:41 MDT 2001

If you are talking about Word macro viruses and the like then yes, Wine
"works" with them (i.e. the virus functions correctly). As far as
VBScript viruses and stuff of that nature, I know for a fact that a lot
of them don't function properly for whatever reason (I have opened
infected e-mails purposely to test this out of curiosity). At this point
though I can't think of any reason why a well written one wouldn't work
within Wine. But I can't really see what damage that could do except to
the files within the emulated environment (after all if the virus
"thinks" it's in Windows it probably wouldn't know how to deal with a
Linux file setup).


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So I have an entirely naive question to ask:

Does the fact that Wine emulates windows, and will allow users to run
MSOffice within the Linux environment, make the machine vulnerable to
various Outlook email viruses out there?

I know that Wine is fairly temperamental (sp?), but it occurred to me
if the software actually emulates within a pseudo environment, it might
possible to get an email virus to run correctly, even though in theory
linux security architecture (well, permissions, etc) would otherwise
similar attacks (although not actual maliscious VB scripts I hope! :).

Anyone have any idea about this?


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