[lug] Setting module options when booting

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Sep 27 15:32:27 MDT 2001

Yeah, see the man page for update-modules... Debian uses a wrapper
script to modify kernel module boot-time info so the package management
tool doesn't blow away your locally configured stuff in
/etc/modutils/aliases when major upgrades touch /etc/modules.conf

Works pretty good, but it's a little weird going back and forth between
a Debian and Red Hat machine if you're not used to it.

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 03:20:28PM -0600, Glenn Murray wrote:
> Thanks, Kevin, that did the trick.
> One note, though; on Debian the comment in /etc/modules.conf said to
> put the two lines into /etc/modutils/aliases and run update-modules;
> to update /etc/modules.conf.  And it did and it worked!
> Thanks again,
> Glenn Murray
> www.mines.edu/~gmurray/public_html/Welcome.html
> On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> ...
> > 
> > alias eth0 3c59x
> > options 3c59x options=12
> > 
> ...
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