[lug] Small Linux for Laptop

ljp ljp at llornkcor.com
Sat Sep 29 18:00:32 MDT 2001

On Saturday 29 September 2001 05:48 pm, you wrote:
> I recently bought a cheap but old laptop to use at school (a Toshiba
> Satellite 400cs, if it matters) that only has 16M of RAM, a 75Mhz Pentium
> processor, ~1 Gb HDD, no CD drive, and now a PCMCIA ethernet card.
> Problem is, when I tried to install KRUD 7.1 on it (with nfs), I anaconda
> told me that I didn't have enough memory to install.  I should have
> expected this, I suppose.  I would still like to install Linux, however.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to a smaller, older if necessary
> distribution that I could put on it?

I doubt you'll get X to work on that, and if you do it'll be slow.

You might try slackware, or even something like Peanut linux, or perhaps even 
something that fits on a floppy, and start building from there.
My personal favorite flopy linux is a customized cclinux



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