[lug] Small Linux for Laptop

Dan Kuester lurgyman at babylonia.flatirons.org
Sat Sep 29 23:14:49 MDT 2001

In my experience when you have a small amount of memory, but still enough
to install, it tells you that and bumps you down to text mode.  That
didn't happen this time.


On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, Hugh Brown wrote:

> I've heard slackware is good in situations like these.  Did you try the
> text install of KRUD?
> Hugh
> "Dan Kuester"
> >
> > I recently bought a cheap but old laptop to use at school (a Toshiba
> > Satellite 400cs, if it matters) that only has 16M of RAM, a 75Mhz Pentium
> > processor, ~1 Gb HDD, no CD drive, and now a PCMCIA ethernet card.
> > Problem is, when I tried to install KRUD 7.1 on it (with nfs), I anaconda
> > told me that I didn't have enough memory to install.  I should have
> > expected this, I suppose.  I would still like to install Linux, however.
> > Does anyone have any suggestions as to a smaller, older if necessary
> > distribution that I could put on it?
> >
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