[lug] Inexpensive Laser Printer (a quick review)

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Sun Sep 30 16:40:17 MDT 2001

I just picked up a new Samsung ML-1210 600 DPI laser printer for $200 
from CompUSA. This is a "GDI" printer (typically Windows only), but 
Samsung has included a GPL'd ghostscript driver for this printer. They 
also provide pre-compiled ghostscript packages for a number of 
distributions, along with installation instructions. The ML-1210 has 
both a parallel and a USB port. It does not include cables for either.

The installation instructions for Red Hat 7.1 are not quite correct (it 
refers to incorrectly named files) but after only a few minutes of 
fiddling around I did manage to get it working.

This is a fast, quiet printer that will replace my failing early-90's 
vintage Canon laser printer, taking up about one third the space of that 
old beast.

Make no mistake, this is printer designed for home use, not an office. 
It should work just fine for my needs.

Installing this printer gave me a glimpse of one of the uglier aspects 
of Linux (and Unix in general). There is no standard printing subsystem. 
Samsung has to provide seperate packages and give seperate instructions 
for every major distribution. There is no way to distribute a seperate 
ghostscript driver (ghostscript device drivers are all compiled into a 
monolithic program). These problems have to be addressed if we are to 
ever see better printer support under Linux.

Oh, and if anyone wants a Canon LBP-8sx (LaserJet-II compatible) printer 
in need of a new fuser, let me know. I'll take $40 for it.

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